Fluoropolymer Coating

Fluoropolymer is a composite coating that consists of high-performance resins. It creates smooth, hard, non-stick surfaces. Fluoropolymer coatings are salt-resistant, acid-resistant, stain-resistant, and even graffiti-resistant. Our products are fire-proof, and they protect against water, sun, and wind damage.A Fluoropolymer coating is easy to apply. Because you can re-coat a fluoropolymer-protected surface without stripping it first, it is virtually maintenance free. At Shield Products Inc., our goal is to protect surfaces while saving you time and money.In the aerospace industry, our coating products are used for exterior surfaces protection. They are also used in the energy industry to protect all metal infrastructure from corrosion and UV fading. In the marine industry they help reduce the drag coefficient of watercraft and propellers, therefore reducing fuel consumption. Wood products also benefit from long lasting protection against UV fading when coated with our product.At Shield Products Inc., we offer Fluoropolymer coating products in a variety of colors and varying degrees of sheen. They are USDA-approved and VOC-compliant, and they come with a 20-year warranty. For the best fuoropolymer coating products in the Jacksonville, FL area, reach out to Shield Products Inc.